Fascination About اِسلامی ویڈیوز اُردو یوٹیوب چینل

اس طرح سے آپکو کوئی اشتہار بھی نظر نہیں آئے گا جس سے آپکے نیٹ کی رفتار پر اثر بھی نہیں پڑے گا

While this protest Pakistan and many other nations blocked You Tube and a number of other video clip links inside their counties 

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Khiladi 786 Synopsis: Born to an owner of the relationship bureau Champak Lal, Mansukh continues to be a complete failure at any time given that he has grown up and tried to assist his father in their family members business. The many alliances he experienced tried to get completed have resulted in separation even prior to the marriage took place. To show his well worth to his father, he normally takes up an uncommon challenge of having an underworld don TT bhai's spoilt brat sister Indu finding married to your cop identified as Bahattar Singh aka Khiladi 786 in Punjab and also to incorporate much more to his problems he convinces even TT bhai to fake for a cop but very little did the around enthusiast understand that Bahattar Singh, his father Sattar Singh and his uncle Ikhattar Singh weren't cops but a family members of conmen.

I hope that by means of contemplating this Islamic precept - that each one Muslims are brothers - all Islamic nations around the world will triumph towards the superpowers and succeed in actualizing all Islamic ordinances.

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He has failed twice in makes an attempt to protected Video Source an early release. His most up-to-date parole endeavor was turned down again in 2000 right after fears had been lifted over the security possibility his release could pose to the former US President, George Bush. Typical Noriega remains wished in Panama on rates of executing army officers in 1989.

کمنٹ بوکس میں لکھ دیں ،تاکہ دیگر لوگ بھی اسے پڑھ سکیں اردو میں تبصرہ پوسٹ کرنے کے لیے ذیل کے اردو ایڈیٹر میں تبصرہ لکھ کر اسے تبصروں کے خانے میں کاپی پیسٹ کر دیں۔

اور تازہ ترین ویڈیوز کے لئے سبسکرائب کرنے کے بعدقریب بیل بٹن پر کلک کریں۔جزاک اللہ خیرا

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"And that is why I directed our armed forces .. to provide Basic Noriega to justice in America. I contacted the bipartisan Management of Congress final night and informed them of this decision."

Heydar Aliyev's overall health started to fall short in 1999, when he experienced a major heart bypass operation in the United States on the Cleveland Clinic. He later on had prostate surgical procedures and also a hernia Procedure. He suffered a collapse whilst giving a speech on Reside tv in April 2003. On 6 August Aliyev returned to The us for cure for congestive coronary heart failure and kidney complications.

کمنٹ بوکس میں لکھ دیں ،تاکہ دیگر لوگ بھی اسے پڑھ سکیں اردو میں تبصرہ پوسٹ کرنے کے لیے ذیل کے اردو ایڈیٹر میں تبصرہ لکھ کر اسے تبصروں کے خانے میں کاپی پیسٹ کر دیں۔

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